Friday, January 2, 2009

why can't life be like tonight all the time?

it's not often that you drive home from a long holiday road trip, only to be invited to a ranch in the nevada desert that happens to be right on the way. it happens even less that you are invited to said ranch on new year's eve, a night you were prepared to spend in the car, counting down the new year at 80 miles an hour. 2009, so far, so good.

sandy valley ranch is a magical place on its own, but add to that good friends, lots of whiskey and champagne, sparklers, hot tubs, taquitos, and illegal fireworks lit by dudes drunker than you, and you've got yourself a serious party.

out there, I only confirmed my deep unshakable desire for compound living. in the middle of nowhere dancing and laughing with friends, I wondered to myself, why can't life be like tonight all the time?


matthew said...


miss clover said...

compound living is the way to go. brett and i are angling for a venice compound militia by 2012. would love if you drop by!

happy 2009! hope all your dreams come true...