Saturday, September 26, 2009

too busy

I've been too busy to write. too busy having fun. too busy being happy. too busy deciding on a whim to jump in my car and drive a couple thousand miles to see someone special. too busy laughing really hard. too busy talking till the wee hours of the morning and then falling asleep on floors. too busy dancing. too busy believing in magic. too busy learning that I can be anything I decide that day I feel like being. too busy being the adventure I seek. too busy being in love with the moment to think about writing it down. good thing I have a camera.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

los angeles, my love

los angeles, my love
your beauty puts a song in my heart
(and your burritos put a smile in my belly!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

sharpening my ax

just as my feet were passing across the clashing carpet through the cacophony of the hollywood guitar center, looking longingly at the glossy curves of a surf green fender stratocaster, I get a text message from my bandmate ry: "hey, you want a guitar and an amp for free?" why yes I do. thank you.

the signs are there, if you are looking for them.

and so I get my new gift and decide to make it my own. for $53 I order a new body and a new pick guard. fortunately for me, my other band mate, jeremy, is a magician. so together, jeremy, ry and I gather to solder and drill and lose screws and eventually marvel at the end result. it is an ax fit for a queen, whatever that means. either way, I'm ready to shred.