Thursday, January 22, 2009

the coolest nerds in town

rock n' roll ain't easy, but that don't matter none 'cause you ain't got a choice. make music or turn to dust.

or something like that.

this is my band, yearbook pictures. we have been strumming and singing and banging on the drums together for a year now. my lord if you don't have some ups and downs and my lord if there ain't times when you consider throwing in the towel. but my lord if it ain't just the purdiest feeling to play together and love the sound that makes. we've been working hard lately to get things going, make things happen, that whole shpill. what with all the myspacin' to do, and the picture takin' to organize and the shows to line up and then play... speaking of which, those of you in the los angeles area, or those of you with a private jet or disposable income or a free ticket to ride, we will be playing this tuesday (january 27th) at 9 (that's pm, not am) at spaceland (1717 silverlake blvd. LA, CA 90027). JAM ON IT!


miss clover said...

i'm so there!

heidi said...

workin' on that private jet. hope to have it by saturday morning.