Monday, July 7, 2008

a reverse lullaby

I was singing in my sleep last night. it woke jg up. he said he woke to the sound of a melody. a reverse lullaby. my melody being sung in the dark. this morning my jaw hurt something fierce. I must have been singing all night. what song I was singing he couldn't say, only that it was clear and lovely. this shows my current commitment to making beautiful music. I am in the process of securing all the gadgets and gizmos necessary to turn our lovely little palace into our home sweet recording studio.

entering into the realm of tech forums is daunting if you know as much about technology as you do about lithuanian history. not much. not much at all. here's what I do know. I know that if I don't get my music "out there" I will start to shrivel like a grape in the sun. I know that I feel more excited about recording my simple little tunes than I can remember being in too long. I know that having this sense of purpose gives me a focus my spectacles couldn't fix. I can see clearly. I need this. oh, and I also need an audio interface, a condenser mic, and an e-mu xboard 49. here's to doing what you want most and therefore fear most. may my reverse lullaby wake me from the dark slumber of fear.


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

When I was making music around the clock, I started making up songs in my dreams, too!

I have a really neat microphone that doesn't require any sort of interface-thingy (see how tech-savvy I am?). I specifically looked for one that was awesome, but would also plug directly into my USB. This may or may not work for you, but here it is.

Also, the first dozen or so songs I put online were recorded with just the internal mic on my laptop and I used Garageband since it came free with my computer. I don't think you should let lack of equipment stop you from putting your music out there! A mediocre-quality first recording won't interrupt anyone's enjoyment of talent & I suspect you've got loads.

bethany toews said...

thank you laurie for your advice and encouragement. I ended up going with the tascam tnt bundle because I figured how can you go wrong with dynamite? well, I suppose you can go really wrong with it, but I will use it to build roads, and not just to blow crap up.

miss clover said...

this post was particularly inspiring. you have to get it out. i cannot wait to hear. i look forward to adding "bethany toews music" as a myspace friend sometime in the near future.