Wednesday, July 9, 2008

putting the do in donut

you are not seeing things. those are donuts. that is a donut shop. an amazing donut shop I might add. just a lovely jaunt down the 210 from the heart of los angeles and you too can have fresh strawberry donuts made by jim. located on historic route 66 in glendora, ca, the donut man is a sweet stop worth making. the fresh strawberry donuts, for which the place is famous, are nothing short of amazing - big juicy and fresh summer strawberries bursting out of a fluffy glazed donut. sara, jg and I ate ours dancing with the delight of a scrumdidilyumptious sugar high. 

now I know there is speculation that donuts are not actually "good for us", but I would argue that what is good for the spirit is good for us. driving with friends, talking about life, only to be rewarded with a donut along the way is so very good for us and something we probably don't do nearly enough. I've been thinking a lot about what we don't do nearly enough of in light of the recent news that sara kaye is moving. not to a downtown loft or a hillside house, but moving moving, as in far away and no longer within walking distance. man oh man will she be missed. the endless adventures, the constant squeezing of the juices of life, she is a master. if you are lucky, as we have been lucky, your path will intersect with hers and most likely you will learn a whole lot about how very much living we are actually capable of. while I am sad for los angeles in losing her, I am excited for the world. I am also excited for the places we will get to visit her. onward and upward my friend, onward and upward.


S K said...

Darling Bethany, You are sweeter than the Donut Man's donuts.

anjibee said...

yikes! i can't remember the last delicious donut i ate. now i really really want one! i've been threatened a route 66 road trip for next year, looks like i'll need to make this a stop for sure. :D