Friday, May 30, 2008

we're doin' it damnit

one way or another, we're making it happen. a smorgasbord of freelance work and odd-jobs and unemployment checks. we're keeping the dream alive. dreams it seems are like fish out of water and in this dry land life, we have to find the cool pools to swim in, to keep our hope afloat. I believe that living this life as you - and no one else - sees fit, is worth all of the floundering. and despite what may feel like a lack of flow, we are always deep in the ocean of possibility swimming ever so gracefully towards our destination. I say trust your course and don't get caught in the net of uncertainty. swim fast and swim free. to all my fishy friends, I salute you with my fins.


miss clover said...

happy birthday, lovely! thank you for the message of hope and the reminder that we are not alone in fighting the good fight.

as i explore the depths of oceanic possibility, i don't just want to be a flounder, i want to be a dolphin. or perhaps, a mermaid.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Three cheers!

S K said...

I will always be the bottom feeder in your sea of inspiration.

Ooooh - I mean STARFISH. I will be the starfish - you break off one part and that bizz just grows right back.

Ben said...

the ocean is so big that you can go in so many directions, and swim next to all kinds of other fish. Some are terrifying, while a few are completely inspiring. i'm thankful that we've found ourselves swimming in the same waters and thankful you've let me join your school of fish. now if i can just get my underwater bagpipes to work, we might be able to dance a little underwater birthday jig. The Happiest of Birthday Wishes i send to you.