Thursday, May 29, 2008

happy birthday to me

one day early. the best gift ever. my mother's creativity. yes, I was given a generous contribution to my "boy I sure need a new laptop fund", (thank you dad for your endless hard work and support to my cause:) and yes, there were loving words from my mom and dad, and yes there was an extra crispy $10 bill from grandma elizabeth along with the tear-inducing proclamation "all my love--I really miss seeing you, I love you so much." (I love and miss you too grandma and hope to see you really soon). but I must confess, despite all the great goodies - including the confetti that sprinkled all over my crotch as I opened the package - my favorite part was my mother's art work. the effort she made to express herself on an envelope. well done mom! and thank you for making it the best birthday before the birthday even begins. tomorrow. I expect donations to the laptop fund to just start tumbling in. into what exactly I'm not sure, but I need to find out, 'cause boy I sure need a new laptop.

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Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

oh my goodness, that is amazing/adorable!