Tuesday, May 27, 2008

bethany by bethany

I had to write a bio today. anyone who has attempted this task doesn't need me to tell them it's not easy. I opted for the less is more tactic. for someone who likes to talk a lot, that's no small feat. baby steps. we're all getting somewhere. at some point and time. that about sums it up.

as a child bethany dreamt of being a ballerina. bethany is glad that did not pan out. nowadays, after many ramblings on many different shores in many different outfits with many different outlooks, bethany has found herself happily situated in los angeles, california where she is focused mainly on music and writing. she estimates that she has realized approximately 28.4% of her full potential and is excited to see what happens as that number increases. bethany graciously accepts donations to her Follow Your Dreams Despite The Fact That It Almost Seems Impossible At Times Fund. she also appreciates feedback on her writing which you can find at fictioninaflash.blogspot.com. oh, and if anyone has an extra Roland E-09W Interactive Arranger Electronic Keyboard lying around that they are wanting to get rid of, please contact her, she will take it off your hands and put hers on it.


miss clover said...

nice job on the bio! not an easy feat. so is this for a publication? something big and exciting? do share!

S K said...

Well I would like to donate three dollars and a starbucks gift card to the follow your dreams fund. Is it tax deductable and can I get a receipt?

Barbra Sundquist said...

Yes, I think everyone finds it difficult to write a bio about themselves. Yours is charming.
I have a site www.HowToWriteBio.com that provides fill-in-the-blank bio templates for a wide range of professions. Your readers may find the resources there helpful.