Thursday, December 27, 2007

joystick to the world

nothing brings you together for the holidays quite like virtual reality. I spent this christmas with my family drinking a mishmash of alcoholic beverages and staying up until the wee hours of the morning playing wii. I watched my parents play each other at tennis, the carpet their court. along with my siblings, I transformed the living room into a bowling alley and then a stage. my boyfriend played lead, while I played bass for the stones. I watched my brother and sister head out into the wild to shoot at tin cans and alien space ships--all while sitting next to the warmth of the fire place. we spent hours swinging at invisible things and jamming on fake plastic guitars until we laughed ourselves to sleep, sometimes well past 4 in the morning (the parentals included).

I am now back home with a stiff shoulder and a newfound appreciation for video games. it doesn't matter if you are wrapping gifts or singing carols, all that matters at christmas is that you are spreading joy with the ones you love. I beat that level and then some.

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