Tuesday, December 11, 2007

fudge and his fully functioning follicles

this is fudge.
fudge thinks he is too hairy.
fudge thinks he should get laser surgery.
fudge thinks his abundance of body hair is the reason he's single.

fudge is single for the same reason as everyone else, he hasn't met the right person yet.

I told fudge that the right woman will love fudge and all his fully functioning follicles.

I also told fudge that the right woman isn't looking for a hairless man, but rather a man comfortable with himself. there is really nothing sexier than self-acceptance. and besides, people like all types. hairy, bald, thin, fat, tall, short, cross-eyed, chip-toothed, big-nosed, beady-eyed. there are all kinds to love all kinds. in the meantime, we've got to love ourselves so when someone else does come along, we can show them how to love all of the facets of our beautifully idiosyncratic selves. we can only be loved as much as we love ourselves.

what's up now dr. phil?

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