Sunday, August 12, 2007

punk rock and poetry

"end war with dowina"

that was the sentence that was going through my head right as I woke up this morning. gibberish, maybe. or perhaps, an important message sent from the deep of sleep. a message that once successfully translated and understood could possibly bring about world peace. no pressure. apparently I was talking in my sleep all night. my boyfriend said I was quite articulate despite the fact that he could make no sense of any of my nocturnal nonsense. I need to start recording this stuff...

having never consciously heard the word dowina, I decided to do a little research. apparently it stems from the Slovak word "deva" which means "girl". interesting. there is a Slovakian punk band named Dowina as well as an ancient Slovakian castle located on the Danube and Morava rivers. the castle and its history inspired many romantic poets, one being the great Hungarian poet, Endre Ady. I came across this poem:

Longing for Love

Neither the issue nor the sire,
neither fulfilment nor desire
am I for anyone,
am I for anyone.

I am as all men, the sunless sea,
the alien thule, mystery,
a fleeing wisp of light,
a fleeing wisp of light.

But I must look for friends and brothers;
I want to show myself to others
that seeing they will see,
that seeing they will see.

For this my lyric masochism;
I long to close the gaping schism,
and thus belong somewhere,
and thus belong somewhere.

so there you have it folks, end war with punk rock and poetry. oh, and love.

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S K said...

End war with Slavic girls! Maybe they can sew giant sails so we can send all the bad people to sea so they can die in the bermuda triangle.