Monday, December 14, 2009

money tree seeds

in this photo, we are all wishing for private jets and unlimited travel funds.

lately I have been faced with the fact that money does indeed make the world go round, or rather, it gets you around the world. plane tickets are not cheap, but the majority of my loved ones are far far away.

what to do? what to do?...

make lots of wishes for money tree seeds and surprise checks in the mail and gold records and anonymous donations. oh look, a million dollar bill just sitting here on the sidewalk! lucky day!

a lack of funds shouldn't keep me from the x's and o's I'm needing. the money is hidden somewhere, I just need to find it. I'm checking all my pockets. I'm cramming my hands between so many couch cushions. I'm determined that I will find the cash to exchange for the currency of love, wrapped in the arms I am missing.

***an update: two days after posting this, I received an unexpected check for $2,700. true story. keep asking for things, they're coming.


S K said...

I am sending you 1) A money tree 2) A book on astral projection

I think you will find them both useful.

Coop said...

ohoho lucky you :)