Tuesday, December 1, 2009

what am I missing? nothing.

I am ahead in life and behind in writing.

I've been out and about/one with the world/full of so many words, but with no pen and pad in hand. it's ok. it's all right here in my lovely little head. my lovely little head/my lovely large heart.

I have been on the road, stuck in the mud, dancing and sweating, laughing and loving the shit out of everything I can get my hungry hands on. hungry hungry hands. I have had my ears wide open, only slightly less so than my eyes, my eyes wide open, only slightly less so than my heart. my hungry hungry heart. I have been feeding myself a diet of hugs and high fives. I have been ever so busy deepening my smile lines, increasing the wattage of my bright shining eyes. I feel blessed. I have found love and I am bathing myself daily in music. what in the world more could I be needing? perhaps a donut or two, I give myself those. maybe some long walks, I give myself those too.

I try to give myself the things I am really asking, ignoring all the other requests that I suspect come from somewhere else, a place outside, a safe place. I don't need to play it safe. I need to play. if I am everything I need, what am I missing? nothing.