Thursday, August 27, 2009

get out and grow

this is me mid montana. ah the open road and how it flows through my veins. I recently jumped in my little race car of a honda and headed north to surprise my little sis for her 22nd birthday. 2,981 miles later I am back home and feeling about 5 feet taller. the weight of a head full of thoughts, lifted. opened up, emptied out. nothing cleanses my insides like a trip through the middle of nowhere.

no cell reception. no fizzy water. nothing but faith--if I keep moving, I will get somewhere.

and I did. and it was positively lovely. my sister cried with delight when I magically appeared (after 20 hours of driving). I got to spend time with family and friends and good food and good wine and one impossibly adorable baby. I got to see someone walk through a screen door and I got to eat 4 bowls of homemade ice cream. the trip was an utter success, as much for the time spent at the destination as for the time spent getting there and back.

as always, I did not return the same person that had left only a few days earlier. everyday we have a chance to do the things that will change us. to put ourselves in a bigger pot so we can sink deeper, stretch out, get stronger. all we really need to do is soak up the sunlight. turn things to sugar. get out and grow.

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S K said...

You're always turning things to sugar! Love it.