Saturday, August 8, 2009

5 minute magic

I am currently in the midst of recording all my musical musings from the comfort of my lovely little abode. I like the process of recording about as much as I like eating wet garbage. something always goes wrong. mystical black magic bullshit that has no apparent solution. oh, and not to mention the fact that the nasty little habit of perfectionism that I thought I had managed to quell, opens up like a festering wound the moment I sit down to record. I battle on despite a constant overwhelming desire to just watch zac efron's abs on my laptop as he turns 17 again. I have to keep trying to get past my head into the territory where my chest plays the only melody I need to hear. the other night, I was literally frustrated to the point of tears. I had been trying for hours to record a song but for some reason the mic didn't want to work, and my fingers wouldn't play the guitar in a way that made my ears happy. I decided to stop and breath for a moment. then I decided to hit record and see what happened if I let go. I just sang into the built-in mic on my computer and made up the song, lyrics and all, as garage band was recording. this was the result in less than 5 minutes. I am proud of this. it, like me, is not perfect, but is beautiful because it's honest.


miss clover said...

love love love. you are my hero.

J. Wesley Brown said...

I really liked this - the music more than the photo but the photo is good too, especially the makeshift halo.