Friday, June 12, 2009

don't take it personally if I punch you in the face

soooooo much to catch you up on. I got my belly button pierced. ok, so maybe not. but I did do a lot of other super talk aboutable things that I am drawing a complete blank on right now. I think I believe if I simply sit down and type, they will all spill out and then the events of the past few days, weeks, months, whatever, will in fact have happened because they have been historically cataloged in my blog. the only reason I have this blog is so sometimes, when I forget that I am living, I can go and scroll through all the posts and reconfirm what I already knew, I am indeed alive and living. I have thoughts and feelings and I share them with whoever it is that happens to stumble across this thing (and which google analytics tells me, is either an incredible speed reader or doesn't read this at all, given that 83.59% of my visitors spend less than 10 seconds on this site). a fact that I do not take personally.

I am in the habit lately of not taking anything personally. like when I get towed and have to pay the city of los angeles $300 dollars (which I would have rather spent on a plane ticket to spain) to get my car back. these things happen. I will be honest, there was a moment (and I let myself have that moment), where I thought, poooooor me. boo to the hoo. but then I thought, well, so to the what? I had to cough up some cash I don't really have. I'm still alive and mostly well. I still get to laugh about this in a couple of years when I'm laying poolside at my hillside estate. just another thing to slop into my bucket loads of character I've been collecting in all my odd jobs and various life "experiences" (a nice word used to describe those indescribably difficult times we always manage to somehow pull through). we all rule. because we are living, and continue doing so.

well, it seems I can't think of all the things that have transpired since I last thought to write any of them down. fortunately I have photographs. I will let them express what my words are lacking.

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