Saturday, July 28, 2007

library lovers

to the moon and back linda would love al. is that where al went? to the moon and now he's back and that is why linda says "welcome home..."? did he go to the moon to show linda how much he loves her or did he go to the moon because he was scared of his love for linda? did he finally realize while on the moon that the only thing scarier than his love for linda was his life without her? is that why he came back? the one thing in the card that I am consumed with is the ... at the end of welcome home. three dots. three universes of possibility. are the dots symbols of hope or half completed question marks?

I found this card inside a book I checked out at the library yesterday. you would have thought the envelope had been stuffed with c-notes the way I felt upon discovering this hidden treasure. not only does the library offer the world in words, but also, the exchange of worlds. I do not know al and linda, but I like to imagine their lunar love for each other is real. I like to imagine that someone else somewhere has opened a book to discover an envelope marked "linda" and that inside there is a card that says


I went to the moon and back because I love you.


I'm home.

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