Saturday, October 2, 2010

we are here!

I'm glad I don't know what I'm doing. I mean, I really believe that once I "figure it out" I will turn to star dust and return to the endless sky. I'm here to wonder. to not know what the f word is going on half the time. to get frustrated and sad and confused and angry, and then, to stick it out because I know what it feels like to laugh.

oh what a joy, to feel! and what is a feeling but a friendly reminder that we are here. WE ARE HERE! wha?!

I'm just gonna keep on feeling, and you know what else? I'm gonna talk about all those feelings! I'm gonna spell it out for anyone willing to listen. I'm going to put on a show on the street corner. I'm gonna say what's really going on when asked, "how ya doin?"

I love you world. I want to be close to you. I want to give you a key to my secret garden, who am I to keep it hidden?


the future :-) said...

god, u make me wanna be a girl :-)hopeles...wait... hopefull! romantic... i wanna be with a girl who wants what you just wrote about. truly "keepin it REAL"... and really happy (-:

Jennifer said...

I graduate December 18. My whole life is before me and I worry. Worry about if my life is going to be as fulfilling and neon and glittery and deeply loving as I wish it to be. I'm not a natural worrier. It's all new to me. Everything in me is telling me it'll be ok. It's all always been ok. Even if I don't want the things in life people tell me I should care about. And even if I care so much about things people will never understand. I will never have it together.

I'm a Local Natives fan which led me to twitter which suggested you which then I got to your blog and I'm so so glad I did.

This post makes me cry a good cry and makes my heart feel a heavy relief, but full. Just that sentence about turning to star dust and returning to the endless sky. So many things are worried about that never matter. My worrying is in vain, produces only negativity, and has been put to death this instant and forevermore.

I will celebrate that I AM HERE.

Thank you, Miss Toews for writing.

-Jenn Hackworth

bethany toews said...


you are a warrior. stay open and honest and I promise you'll leave glitter everywhere you go.

thanks for reading,

Jimmy said...

I can see how much fun u have there. I wish i can be like u. I'm new here. Do follow me.