Thursday, May 13, 2010

love is the only sane response

I was sitting in a cafe in brooklyn when I looked up to see my love in the new york times. I had been missing him, and there he was, in the cafe with me. strange and wonderful.

life is strange and wonderful and exhausting and exhilarating - much like the trip I just returned from. hotel beds and poorly made sandwiches. melting ice cream cakes and cheering fans. long overdue kisses and sitting in traffic. adventure has its toll. I pay it with little complaint (most of the time). I love its blank pages, my pockets full of magic markers. I fed a stray kitten one night on a cold new york city street. I heard david byrne thank local natives for their "amazing" performance. I took a plane to dc and a van to philly and a train from boston and another plane home again. I walked a lot and slept too little. I had a hand to hold for a few days. I had new experiences with old friends and I grew closer with new friends. love was exchanged, on the streets, in the crowd, in a smelly van.

why on earth would we stay in one place when so much awaits us elsewhere? the journey of an inch of a thought of a moment, I traverse small and great distances hoping to find something new, inside and out. every trip is worth taking, even if you don't leave your chair, go there. everything around us is growing, changing, moving - why should we be any different?

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Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

you are (a) an amazing photographer, (b) fucking gorgeous. the end.