Tuesday, March 23, 2010

south by south mess

sometimes you drink a little too much whiskey. sometimes you try to start a bar fight with a stranger. sometimes you misplace your frustrations and it takes the intervention of a good friend to step in and keep you from getting your teeth knocked out (thanks jamie).

sxsw is not a time for detoxing. it is a time to sing wilson phillips to your liver. "hold on for one more day" rings through your hazy head as you maneuver through far too many drunk people, and strange people, and half naked people, and hungry people and hopeful people. the chaos in tey-hoss. a love-hate relationship seems in order.

I was there to support this year. I'm not sure if I rose to the occasion. I found myself wanting to hole up and savor that strength for my own endeavors. I didn't want to give it away. I felt like being greedy with my words of encouragement. I felt like singing my own songs. there's only so much singing along you can do when your head is full of its own melodies.

I do what I can, sometimes more, sometimes less. I'm learning the sweet spot in the middle. my happy medium. somewhere between shrinking and exploding, I stand on a stage, illuminated by my own inner spotlight. from there, I will shine.

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