Tuesday, October 13, 2009

who needs sleep?

lately I have been waking up before the sun. perhaps it is the fact that the man on my mind is in a different time zone. I am trying to align myself with his distant shore.

perhaps it is because I have work to do...

the other morning I woke up at 4:37AM and grabbed my voice recorder. a couple weeks before that, same thing at 5:35AM. what was it that woke me? a song. this song. I decided to lay it down while I was unable to lay down myself. I recorded this while the neighbors slept. who needs sleep when you have a dream?


S. LowSteady Pulse said...

That's very nice.
It's difficult to write love songs without them sounding silly but I think you pulled it off.
I guess sincerity is the key. And practice.

Hard Breaks said...

Y'know, this song was going through my head today (among others).
It's not a secret message or anything, just a neat song.

Great bass sound (flat wound strings, I think)
And a super-duper pay-off chorus with wonderful harmony vocals.