Friday, July 3, 2009

eye on the prize, I wake.

I'm silly. I stay up till 4 AM watching silly movies, eating silly snacks, thinking silly things, getting silly stomach aches. there's nothing silly about heartache. but it is often very silly how we choose to move through its murky waters in search of a day at the beach. white sand. turquoise water.
I am ready. I am ready for land. 
today I woke up with a different feeling about the day than many of the days before. I didn't dread its empty contents. I didn't feel weighted down by its absence of plans. I got out of bed (which may not be regarded as an accomplishment, but is). I showered. I ate breakfast. I left my house. I went for a walk. I am here, trying to say more than "I don't know". I mean, I don't know, but I want to say something regardless. I walk a path paved in what was and I am moving forward grateful that I have made it here. each step is a victory, in any life. each smile an achievement. the little things are as big as you let them be. life's as simple as you allow it. happiness is the goal, all goals melded for the sake of joyful alchemy. eye on the prize, I wake.


miss clover said...

i just adore you. you make me want to live harder, better, stronger.

elizabeth hoeckel said...

can you please write a book?

kimberly said...

i love you so. i miss your silly sweet face!