Friday, May 15, 2009

desert dance party

sometimes you just need to drive out into the desert and dance. sometimes your friends, who don't live in the same town, drive out to meet you. sometimes you climb a mountain to watch the sunset together. sometimes you stay up late together in strange motel rooms drinking whiskey and talking about life and love and loss while eating potato chips and tootsie rolls. sometimes you take a walk in the dark together. sometimes you make each other laugh, really hard. sometimes you wish they didn't live so far away. sometimes you build an imaginary jet in your head, put all your loved ones in it and fly them to your side. sometimes you are perfectly content to look at pictures of them by your side. they make you laugh even from afar.


miss clover said...

i love this. it makes me want to drive to the desert straight away. that amargosa place was looks uh-mazing.

S K said...

And sometimes you make up dance moves that you forget in the morning.

kimberly said...

i can not wait to be on one of these trips dancing to excess