Sunday, September 21, 2008

missing michael

I miss michael phelps. that man was a big part of my evenings for a few magical days and I want those days back. watching someone who worked so hard and believed so much. someone who ate 12,000 calories a day and still had a six hundred pack. he was my modern day hero. I mean, the dude does wear tights. michael made me ask myself what 8 gold medals I would like to win? he reminded me that maybe I'm not supposed to eat a pound of pasta for lunch and be the fastest swimmer in the world, but I am supposed to put everything I've got into becoming the holder of the most gold medals in the history of me. into the pool of potential I must dive and butterfly myself to the other side. now if you'll excuse me, I better shave my legs.


S K said...

what? I couldn't read a word. take that distracting photo down.

anjibee said...

hahahahaha sk!!!!

i know, he actually looks cute in that photo. bethany, you must've scoured the internet for that jpg -- you naughty minx you!

Mary Beth Heishman said...

Muy hot. Thanks for that image :O)

elizabeth said...

Did you know that we grew up down the street from each other and we were on the same swim team? Well, there's no way that you could have known that but now you do!