Saturday, August 9, 2008

bowl a mile in my shoes

in times like these, when everything is uncertain -- friends (not friend, but friendS) moving out of your fair city, rent yet to be payed one week into the month, the weight of all life's glorious possibilities lying heavy on your chest -- there is only one thing to do... go bowling. drink gin and tonics with dirty limes. eat lumpy nachos and cheesy pizza. wipe the grease on your jeans before you stick those faithful digits of yours into the mysteries of a public bowling ball. laugh at how good or how bad you are. keep your mind in and your ball out of the gutter. enjoy the sound of a strike and the bright of florescence shining on polished wood. it is here that we can revel in the sight of another man bowling in our shoes. look around. we are not alone.


S K said...

Is this about aliens?

elizabeth said...