Monday, April 28, 2008

because we can

I am writing this from a green plastic chair in front of a big-o-tires somewhere off the 10 in tweakville, az. I am waiting. me and jimmy george are getting new tires put on the old mercedes that we just bought in peoria. we decided to drive out here yesterday, well, because we can. because the hardest part of traveling is just getting yourself into the car or onto the plane, the rest just happens as you enjoy the ride. spontaneity of this type brings a mixture of joy and frustration that we are both quite fond of. a lot of coffee is consumed. a lot of u-turns are made. we laugh a lot and bicker a little. we get away from it all just long enough to realize how very much we like it all. once the new tires have been aligned and balanced, we will get back on the road headed west. after driving hours through the night, we will finally see the los angeles skyline from the elevated curves of the 210. we will be happy that we left and even happier that we are home. we don't leave because we don't like LA, we leave because it's good to know what you are returning to. no better way to know yourself or a place than to get to know another for a bit.

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