Wednesday, March 12, 2008


18 days. 14 hours. 38 minutes

finally I can get my hands on a dodger dog again. that's right folks, the new season fast approaches. mr. jimmy george and sara kaye and myself are proud holders of season tickets. not sure where to find me on a friday night?...check the top deck at dodgers stadium. march 31st is opening game and it's the dodgers 50th anniversary in sunny california so I am expecting some kind of prize--maybe a dodgers seat cushion or a dodgers helmet shaped radio. either way, I'm getting a lime in my $12 dollar beer. oooh, and the peanuts. can't wait! we're gonna be great this year, I can feel it. go team!

1 comment:

miss clover said...

does this mean now that you will now be able to enjoy a hot dog yourself, now that you are officially off the wagon? even at my most vegetarian, the smell of a good old hot dog filled me with dreamy nostalgia and acute meat envy.