Thursday, February 28, 2008

blowing your own cover

photographer, bartender, bar attender, model, graphic designer, ramblin' woman, waitress, shop girl, ice cream sandwich enthusiast, chinese translator, commercial actor and hesitant blogger-- just a few of my occupations, otherwise known as distractions, for the past few years. thinly veiled as jobs, hobbies, or even passions, I know that in truth, they were just clever little distractions I had devised to keep me from what I really wanted, music. well, after a long drawn-out battle between my head and my heart, and after some serendipitous stumblings and after only a few practices, I will be playing in a newly formed band with some seriously talented musicians. this sunday at hotel cafe, the temporarily misnamed ben pringle and the bros--ben pringle, jeremy burgan, ry sarmiento and myself (the least bro of the bros)--will be rock and rolling it. our musical magic will be taking place at 8:00pm sharpish. music for a good cause--that's hard to beat.
beat beat go the drums. beat beat goes my heart.

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